These pictures of my husband, Collin, show a before Advocare and Current (August 2012.)  This was after about ten months.  It’s important to say that after 24 days we were not entirely transformed.  After a couple of days, we could feel the cleanse starting to take away the bloated feeling.  On Day 11, after completing the Herbal Cleanse we started taking the supplements and felt an immediate energy increase.  By the end of the 24 day challenge, we knew that something great was beginning to happen and we wanted to keep going.


Follow me on my journey as I made a daily journal of my 24 Day Challenge.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Bundle-

We tried all sorts of eating plans and exercising.  And then we tried the 24 Day Challenge, which includes the six products pictured as well as an easy to follow meal plan and step by step instructions.  It really was simple and easy to follow.

10 Day Herbal Cleanse

A gentle way to remove toxins and promote nutritional absorption. This the one of the six products featured in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Bundle.  It is the first phase.

To prepare your body for nutritional, food-based supplements, your digestive system must be fit enough to do its job.  The fiber drink in the cleanse has a light citrus flavor.  There are also probiotics and herbal cleanse packets included with easy instructions.

Spark is Advocare’s most popular drink.  Hydration, Energy and Mental Focus

We started using Spark as part of the 24 Day Challenge Bundle.  We drink it as soon as we wake up.  It has replaced coffee as our breakfast drink of choice.  Not only does it give you energy, but it provides vitamins for mental clarity and focus.  It also hydrates better than coffee.  It’s like a Swiffer for those cobwebs in the corners of your mind.  You can only get it from a distributor, its not sold in stores.


Catalyst- Amino Acid Supplement

When I tried the Paleo and other diets, I lost weight.  The problem was that I lost muscle mass.  This product was created for the US Olympic Wrestling Team as a way for wrestlers who needed to make weight to do so without losing muscle strength.  This product contains no banned substances according

In simple terms, this is shrink wrap in a bottle for your muscles.  It protects your muscle while your metabolism gets busy burning fat.


Meal Replacement Shakes

The meal replacement shake has 14 servings.  They are a well balanced meal available in Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry.  They have 24 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals and only 220 calories.  They are great for people who don’t like to eat breakfast, or need to run out the door quickly.  They are also great for making low-cal desserts or snacks to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Complaints I have heard about Advocare:

An honest look at some of the criticisms of Advocare.

The Fiber Drink in the Herbal Cleanse is gross, it gets too thick! It does, but I acquired a taste for it and like the texture.  It’s also super healthy.  Don’t let the naysayers scare you until you try it.  I’ve had friends start it and after awhile they agreed with me that it is something they look forward to every morning.

Spark has sucralose! I don’t know much about sucralose except that it is also known as Splenda.  Sugar definitely affects me so even if sucralose is not perfect, I am healthier because of the whole Advocare System by far.  See Wikipedia for sucralose info.

Advocare is just a pyramid scheme! I’ve heard an answer to this a few times, and maybe you have too.  It goes something like this:  Most companies we work for have an organizational chart and all of the people on the chart above you make more money than you.  Lots of news stories are revealing the widening gap between CEO compensation and the ordinary employee.  That sounds pyramid-ish doesn’t it?  Advocare’s business model requires a minimum number of direct sales in order to qualify for bonuses.  It is not an environment where you make money on recruiting only.  There are real products with real benefits and real people making real money and helping others.  The people who make the most are typically the most diligent workers and have many stories to tell of people that introduced them to the business opportunity that they passed in earnings because they worked at it more.

I had an allergic reaction to the products! Thankfully, I heard the person was able to recover from the reaction.  You can check with Advocare’s Science and Medical Advisory Board, or a doctor of your choice if you want to try something that you aren’t sure about.  Advocare’s Advisory Board will answer questions by email too.

I didn’t lose weight, but my wallet did! I’ve heard that some people don’t get results from using Advocare.  In the cases where I know enough of the details, without exception, they have all been because there was an element of the eating plan that was not being followed.

There are some complaints that are entertaining because they are so outlandish.  There are also Advocare Distributors who don’t really follow the careful (emphasis on care) business training offered by Advocare.  You can see both sides out there.  So yes, at times there are some really bad examples of complaints and also bad examples of Advocare representatives.

In life there are many things we believe based on very little info.  How many opportunities do we pass up or dangers we walk into because we hear a bit of bad information?

As I’ve been making changes in the way I live, by changing my thinking, eating, and other things, I find that there are constantly fears that creep in.  Often times when I complain, or hear complaints from people, I sense that the fear of the unknown is taking over and we no longer think very clearly.  I have seen so many good things in the people involved with Advocare and the product results that I believe this is a genuinely good opportunity.



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