8 Cheap and Easy Campfire Meals

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and take your children camping. Depending on where you go, you can camp for free and all you’ll have to worry about is food and travel. Camping trips are some of the cheapest vacations a family can take. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or an entire week, you’ll definitely need to plan your meals carefully.

Planning to feed your family for a week is hard enough, so doing it when you’re out of town can be extremely difficult. However, there are so many great recipes and ideas that are perfect for camping. These recipes will help you feed your entire family with ease. So check out our favorite inexpensive recipes that are perfect for you next camping trip.

1.Omelet in a Bag


Photo: Pinterest

This recipe is so easy that you’ll want to make them at home all the time. All you need is a couple ziploc bags and your omelet ingredients. Combine all the ingredients into the ziploc bag, mix thoroughly and you’re ready to go. Once morning approaches all you have to do is boil the bags in hot water, when the eggs are cooked you’re ready to enjoy! Prepare your omelets ahead of time and store them in a cooler. You and your family will have the exact omelet that they’d like and you won’t have to do any preparation in the morning when you wake up.

2.Biscuit Doughnuts 

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Make your own doughnuts with this easy and inexpensive recipe from Thoreau’s Daughter. If you were planning on bringing a dutch oven, don’t forget a can of biscuits. Poke holes in the biscuits and then fry them up in your oil. Once they are done, top them with cinnamon, sugar, or even frosting.

3.Walking Tacos 

Walking tacos are the best camping recipe because you use very few dishes. Purchase some small snack sized bags of your favorite chips, many use Doritos. Simply fill your bags with taco ingredients like beef, cheese, lettuce and sour cream. Once you’ve filled the bag up, you’ll be ready to eat. Kids love the simplicity of this recipe and you’ll love that you don’t have to clean up after them!

4.Campfire Macaroni and Cheese 

Who said that macaroni and cheese couldn’t be a camping food. With this delicious macaroni recipe from Lauren’s Latest you can make this ahead of time and warm it up on the fire.

Bonus Tip: You could actually make this technique work with any pasta recipe. Whether you have a favorite mac and cheese recipe or you’d like to bring along a different past, you can make it work. Just load up a pie tin and cover in foil to store in your cooler, once you’re ready you’ll be eating hot and delicious pasta!

5.Loaded Potatoes 

If you need the perfect side dish to your burgers, make these delicious loaded potatoes created by Twin Dragonfly Designs. Potatoes are inexpensive, filling, and customizable. Cut your potatoes into small bite size pieces, place in tinfoil, and load them up with your favorite ingredients. Once you’ve got the perfect loaded potato, secure the tinfoil and they’re ready to go in your cooler. Plan ahead when making these delicious potatoes though, they will take about an hour to cook.

6.Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches

This delicious and cheap recipe from Well Plated will leave your family feeling full and satisfied. It only takes 5 ingredients to make these sandwiches and you can make them ahead of time. Grab some buns, ham, pineapple, sliced cheese, and dijon mustard. Assemble the ingredients, wrap in tinfoil, and they’re are ready to be put in the campfire. You can set these near the fire to cook or even cook them on top of an outdoor grill, the choice is yours!

7.Banana Boats 


Photo: Suburble

Skip the s’mores and try this delicious recipe from Suburble for campfire banana boats. This recipe is a great way to try something new and cheap for you next camping trip. All you need to do is slice the bananas, fill with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Wrap the concoction in tinfoil and place near your campfire. The marshmallows and chocolate chips will melt inside the banana and create a delicious gooey mess.

8.Hobo Dinner 

This hobo dinner from Big Red Kitchen is simple and delicious. Simply fill a pie tin with sliced potatoes, a beef patty, and a vegetable. Cook them on the fire for above your outdoor grill for about 40 minutes and you’ll have a delicious and simple meal. Hobo dinners are great because they are the equivalent to the one pot meal for the outdoors.