• 70% off January Target Toy Clearance – Baby Butterscotch FurReal Friend and more!


    Wondering what Target Stores are at 70% for the Target Toy Clearance Sale?!  Well lets try to help each other out!  After all, sharing is caring!   And if you are wondering what you might be able to get during this sale, you must check out Readers Kayla’s Trip!  Here is what she got at the Hillsboro, OR store.

    She writes:

    Hi Amber,
     Here’s my Target toy clearance deal from this morning. :)
    -Baby Butterscotch FurReal Friend $35.98 (Originally $119.99)
    -Disney Enchanting Musical Storyteller $11.24 (Originally $37.49)
    -Disney Cosmetic Set $2.08 (Originally $6.99)
    -3 Leap Pad Games $7.48 each (Originally $24.99 each)
    -Schwinn Bike Basket $4.18 (Originally $5.99)
    -Ice Pack $0.98 (Originally $1.99)
    -Starbucks Via Christmas Blend $3.98 (Originally $7.99)
    Total= $80.88
    Savings= $174.53
     I really only went in hopes of finding a birthday present for my daughter’s friend but I couldn’t believe I found things I’ve been looking at for my daughter. I still can’t believe I payed less than the original price of the pony all together!
    Thanks for being such an awesome lady,


    And here is reader Dana’s Trip!


    Dana writes:

    Tacoma and Lakewood Target’s have most of clearance toys down to 70%. Still a few @ 30% and 50%. My findings @ Tacoma target (Lakewood was cleared of the little but they had by 9:45AM when I got there). Spent $127.50 (tax not included), reg price of toys would have been $426.01. Total savings of $298.51! WAHOO!

    Keep sending in your pictures!

    Here are the stores we have so far:

    Hendersonville, Tn.
    Sunrise Puyallup, WA
    Bonney Lake, WA
    Northgate, WA
    Toledo, Ohio
    Kent, WA
    Weatherford, TX
    Cascade Portland, OR
    Hillsboro, OR

    What are you finding and is it worth it?

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    18 Responses to “70% off January Target Toy Clearance – Baby Butterscotch FurReal Friend and more!”

    1. Melissa says:

      That’s AMAZING!! I bought Baby Butterscotch for my daughter for Christmas and paid $119.99! It was still worth it because she really loves it thank goodness! What a Great deal!! I’m going to have to hit up the clearance section at Target, there are a lot of birthdays coming up soon! :)

    2. Jade says:

      Super Amazing! I will have to go to Target and stock up on Bday gifts also!

    3. Joanna Moore says:

      The Issaquah Target has most of their stuff marked down to 70%. Paid $117 and left with $314 worth of toys. Now to find spots to hide everything. :)

    4. Lauren Little says:

      If anyone sees baby butterscotch I will pay you to ship it to me!

    5. Sarah says:

      I would pay someone to ship me the princess alarm clock that tell stories and is in the shape of a castle. I have hit two targets so far and have 1 more to try…

    6. Danielle O says:

      Anybody know how Everett or Lynnwood Targets are looking? My husband isn’t off for another hour & a half & the suspense is killing me!!

    7. M says:

      Silverdale is 70% off. Bummed did find Butterscotch though:(

    8. Mel says:

      Was at the everett store today and saw NO toy clearance section!!! Hmmm…

    9. Laurie says:

      Everett never has any toy clearance. They ship their clearance to Lynnwood or Northgate.

    10. Emily says:

      Century III Target in West Mifflin, PA is at 70% and there were a lot of toys last night. I didn’t buy much b/c I’m just an Aunt, but I got a few gifts that I’ll sprinkle around as surprises throughout the year and something for an upcoming baby shower. There were baby clothes on sale, I didn’t have time to look through the rest of the clothing sections but I’m guessing those were on sale too. By sporting goods they had a lot of professional and college football team clothing on clearance as well.

    11. Desiree says:

      Anyone hit the Bonney Lake store? I’m wondering if there is still stuff left and it’s worth going, I hear stories of people buying multiple carts full…..

    12. Tanya says:

      Yakima, WA Target was at 70% yesterday morning.

    13. Heather says:

      Target in Springfield, OR, still has a lot left, mostly at 70% off. Specialty Hot Wheels (normally $4.49) for $1.04, several Hot Wheels accessories at 70% off (including one I bought full-price at Christmas). Lots of Barbie items. Just a few toddler toys, no baby toys. I didn’t buy anything, but there were some good deals there for the right buyer.

    14. Faith says:

      I shopped at the Everett Target when they opened on Thursday and was able to get a few gifts for birthdays. There were just a few other shoppers in the toy aisles with me and one in particular was shopping for a local charity, so she loaded up many, many carts and took the majority of the toys. I left around 9 and there were just a few toys left on the shelves (they had 2 1/2 aisles full when I got there). I’ll post a picture to FB of what I was able to find, there were no legos this time though, but still fun!

    15. Ashley M says:

      The Targets in Vancouver, WA, Gresham and Jantzen Beach area are up to 70% off. I walked away with $875 worth of toys for $300 out of pocket. I covered birthdays and Christmas for quite a few nieces and nephews, even some toys for my husband (yes you read that right – my husband). I love it when Target clearance is actually clearance price. :D

    16. Jennifer S says:

      Just came from Lynnwood. They have 30, 50, and 70 percent off toys. There was also 30 percent off the baby-toddler clothes, 30-50-70 in the home departments, but not much for food. Axe, Old Spice, and Gillette body wash kits are half off, though, and aren’t there coupons for those?

    17. JoAnna says:

      I went to Target and got a white battery operated two seater, ride in Mercedes Benz power wheel for $53.98. It was the best deal I have seen in a long time. I got a lot of other great things as well.

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