7 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Blow His Mind

Valentines Day Gifts

(Photo by M. Martin Vicente)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still looking for that last-minute gift to surprise your man, here are seven different ways you can blow his mind.

The Steak Dinner

Nothing says “I love you” quite like reservations at the best steak place in town. If you’ve missed your reservation window, buy the best cut of meat you can find and make your own steak dinner at home. Remember that to cook a perfect medium rare steak, you only need to cook the steak for two to three minutes on each side. If the steak is slightly squishy but springs back when you press your your finger into it, it’s done. Time to let it sit for five minutes before serving, and graciously accept your man’s adoration.

The Man Crate

When the men of Reddit were asked the question “What do men really want for Valentine’s Day?” the Man Crate topped the list. This company packages man-friendly gifts like beer, beef jerky, and BBQ sauce into a wooden crate, then ships it to the man you love. Buy a Man Crate directly from the website, or head to your local supermarket and create your own.

The Foil Map

If your man has a sense of wanderlust, buy a foil map. Then scratch off each city, state, and country as you visit it. If you want to add a little extra, look online for travel coupons that will help you plan your next trip. Remember: the couple that adventures together, stays together.

The Good Scotch

Your man probably has a favorite libation. Whether it’s wine, beer, scotch, or bourbon, visit your local supermarket or liquor store and buy the most expensive one. If that isn’t in your price range, then ask the staff for a good recommendation. Then wrap it up with pink paper and a red ribbon and wait to see his face when he opens it.

The Gamer Gift

Does your man like playing video games? Why not buy him a new game, or a new console? If you want to get closer together, there are a lot of games that include multiplayer options. Even something as simple as XBox Microsoft Points (which he can use to buy new games himself) will blow your man’s mind and let him know that you love him for exactly who he is.

The Night Out

Hire a babysitter, take the next day off work, and do whatever it takes to give your man a true night out. Let him pick the destination, or come up with a fun pub crawl that takes you around your city. If there’s a band your man enjoys, or a game at a local arena, make that one of your stops. Let your man know that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance — sometimes it can just be about fun!

The New Toy

Whatever your man’s been secretly eyeing: make it happen. Buy that awesome-looking remote controlled quadcopter, the huge Lego set, the brand-new multi tool or Weber grill. Give your man an afternoon on the powerboat of his dreams, or rent a high-powered sports car for an evening and let your man enjoy the feeling of sitting behind a Porsche or a Corvette. If there’s something you know your man thinks is cool, all you have to do is figure out how to give it to him.

Valentine’s Day may be coming up soon, but all of these gifts can be taken care of in a single afternoon. If you still need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, try one of these ideas — and blow your man’s mind!