7 Items to Buy Before Winter Ends


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There are just a few more weeks of winter left, which means that it’s time to grab those last few items that you need to buy before the spring. Believe it or not, there are some items best bought during specific times of the year — and the end of winter is one of them.

Here are 7 items that you should buy before winter ends. See something on this list that you don’t already have? That means it’s time to go shopping.

1. Next year’s winter coat

Winter coats go on super-sale right before the weather gets warm, since there won’t be too many people around who need to wear them. That’s why you should buy next year’s winter coat right now, and take advantage of some of the lowest prices you’ll see all year.

Daring moms can even buy winter coats for growing kids — just grab a roomy coat in a size or two larger than your kid normally wears, and trust that it’ll fit next November.

You can also buy next year’s boots, hats, scarves, and mittens right now. Just look for the sales and stock up on what you need.

2. Winter sports items

Did your active kids wear out your toboggan or sled? Don’t wait until next year to replace it; grab one now, while stores are trying to get rid of current stock. Same goes for ski items, snowboards, and anything else you can only use when it’s cold out.

3. Cold-weather clothing staples

Did your husband wear holes in his good wool socks? Do the sweaters you bought for your kids in November no longer fit? Go ahead and stock up on any cold-weather clothing staples that you’ve grown or worn out of — prices are low this time of year, so it’s perfectly fine to drop a few dollars on that discounted sweater or thermal top, even if you only get to wear it for the next month. Bonus points for sizing up kids’ clothing staples, like baggy sweatshirts, so they can wear them next fall.

4. Jewelry

Chocolate isn’t the only item that goes on sale right after Valentine’s Day. Savvy couples know to put off the big gift exchange for a few weeks after the big day, so they have time to take advantage of all of those heart-shaped necklaces and cufflinks that are suddenly on sale. Whether you’ve been eyeing that diamond infinity necklace, a birthstone pendant for each of your little ones, or simply want to stock up on some costume jewelry and bling, you’ll find that the last few weeks of winter is a great time to nab jewelry deals.

5. Electronics

And what will you get your husband in exchange for that lovely diamond necklace? How about the new electronic gadget he’s been eying. Many electronics manufacturers release new models in January, meaning that last year’s models — the 2013 ones — are suddenly available at a discount. Shop around and look for the TVs, cameras, gaming systems, smartphones, and other devices that you couldn’t afford last year.

6. Home furnishings

Electronics manufacturers aren’t the only companies who offer new models in January and discount last year’s models. Furniture companies do it too, meaning you can get a great 2013  mattress, sofa, or other furniture item for a reduced price. Furniture stores looking to meet their quarterly goals are also offering up big sales before the first quarter ends in March.

7. Vacation packages

If you can afford to take a vacation in February or March, you’ll often find great deals on vacation packages. Either take the entire family on a trip, or send the kids to Grandma’s and take a long weekend to somewhere special. Look for coupons and deals on airfare, hotels, and entertainment packages to get the most vacation bang out of your buck.

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