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    Since the removal of the RedPlum Insert from the Herald Paper I have received many emails, facebook comments from local readers wanting to know “what they should do if their paper doesn’t carry the RedPlum Insert.”  As a couponer this is a litte frustrating I know (I don’t get it anymore either), but we have to work with what we got.  So I thought I would give you a few tips or at least tell you what I would do.

    1. If you haven’t already share with RedPlum how you feel via Facebook & Email.  As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    2. You should be receiving a Red Plum Insert in the mail, if one is scheduled for a following Sunday.  They’re usually delivered on Tuesdays with your grocery ads.  Now their aren’t as many coupons as the Sunday insert, but it’s something.   So today when your postal carrier comes ask them if they can spare any additional ads.  This will be hit or miss, they may say yes or they may say no.  Now when I did this my carrier asked how many I would want.  I went with they easy #5 because I didn’t want to say too many and have her say no.  5 papers is what I get from the Herald, so it made sens

    3. Trade if you are looking for a coupon see if someone is willing to trade.  Many Coupon Connections Fans mention they are looking for coupons, people love to help when they can.

    4.  If there’s a great coupon from my delivered RedPlum Mailer, I head on over to my neighbors’ house and ask them if they would like to offer it up.  There is also the  option of finding a recycle bin and doing a little “diving” as well (make sure you obey the laws on that one)

    5. Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview Each week. I post a reminder about this typically on Saturdays.  From that list if you see a coupon you would like to purchase example the HOT $3/2 Nivea Lip Balm Coupon, purchase from a clipping service sooner than later.  Prices average $0.05-$0.25 per coupon and if a really nice sale comes up the price may go up.  Typically most coupon clipping services have a limit of 20 coupons.

    Here is how the shipping works for West Coast Coupon Clipping:

    Orders from 0-$1.99 are .99 cents
    Orders $2.00-$3.99 are .60 cents
    and orders over $4.00 are FREE

    So it may be a great idea to find a coupon buddy so you can combine your total and pay less shipping.

    While I am still unsure if the Herald or the Seattle Times will ever receive the Red Plum Insert again hopefully these tips will help you out!  Don’t get too discouraged, we here are Coupon Connections will always find a way to save!


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    22 Responses to “5 Tips on How to get RedPlum Insert Coupons”

    1. sara says:

      I don’t get the Red Plum in my grocery ads on Tuesday :( I live up in Lake Stevens and I don’t get the Everett Herald but I do get the Seattle Times. So, how do I go about getting the RP insert from my mailman? Also, should I pick up a Herald as well as a times when I get them?

      • Amber says:

        Sara if you don’t get it yet then request for on by mail. Link is above. Coupons are regional, so I get delivery for both the Herald & the Seattle times

        • Donna says:

          Amber/Sara: I do not get them via mail, either. I have tried to sign up for them but I get the message of “Your area is not available for mail delivery”. SAD! I may have to order them West Coast Living. *sigh*.

      • Danielle O says:

        I don’t get them down here in Mukilteo either :( — Luckily for me, I have a great Mom who lives in Everett & does get them & saves them for me… But I really could of used an extra $3/2 Nivea coupon this week x_x

    2. Tyler S says:

      A lot of times at apartment complexes there is a trash can by the mailboxes. Last week I went to only 2 complexes and walked away with 26 Red Plums. These trash cans are usually pretty clean since it is mostly used to throw junk mail in. Make sure to bring some gloves anyways. Hope this helps.

      • Mary H says:

        Remember that these complexes are private property. I am sure we are all respectful but the managers do have a right to ask you to leave if they choose.

    3. Sara B says:

      A final tip – In Seattle, several Safeways carry the Tacoma News Tribune. That paper is the only paper to still carry Red Plum in this area (as I understand it.)

    4. Sandra says:

      The only Red Plum I get during the week comes on Tuesday with the grocery store ads in them – is this what you are talking about? It isn’t like the ones we used to get where it was a booklet of coupons. This one is just pizza and satelite dish ads.

      • kathleen says:

        HI! Sandra, I get the same thing. Where it’s a red plum paper but with only pizza and satellite dish ads. I was wondering is the post office or my mail carrier taking the coupon ads out? (Not sure…)

        • Tara says:

          Some post offices are no longer delivering certain ads because of the cost.. Makes no sense to me but its the local city government that makes the budget.. (just what I was told of why we no longer get albertsons ads!

    5. Sara says:

      I have been stopping by our local post office and going through the recycle bins the lobby where the PO box’s are, I kinda made a joke about it to my husband saying that I am officially a crazy dumpster diver now, but it definitely helps because I can usually find 6-10 inserts that have been thrown out!

      • Tara says:

        LOl I was just reminding my husband that tomorrow is DUMPSTER DIVING DAY!! :) I am glad that I am not the only one.. We have one post office that has little bins wich is nice but our other post office as tall bins and they are a bit harder cause you have to bend into them.. so If its not on top I cant do it right at the moment.. ;( But yes DEFINEATELY HELPS!

    6. Traci Bitz says:

      I live in Oregon and get the Oregonian as well as the Statesman Journal “Salem” .I’d be willing to trade coupons ( : is there any way we could start some kind of trading blog/site? I’d LOVE to share. tabsmb@ymail.com put the heading in capitals if you can “COUPONS” so I don’t miss it ( :

    7. mg says:

      hi, i currently pick up 4 heralds/wk, but i live in seattle. Please let me know if i should not pick them up any more. should i just pick up 4 seattle times instead? (i coupon very avidly, you responding to this would really help me :0) )

    8. Jen K. says:

      Here is a link to be added to Red
      Plum’s mailing list: http://www.valassis.com/1024/Contact/consumersupport.aspx

      There is also a link to a form on the same page to fill out, that tells you where you would receive it based on your address-via mail or newspaper.

    9. Lisa says:

      OH please, don’t take them all after I share this tip! In the post office recycle bins are plenty of Red Plums on the day that they go into the mail. I go each week, takes maybe 3 minutes to find 3-4 copies.

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    11. Sandy P. says:

      I have been getting the Tacoma News Tribune delivered (3 per week) for a good price for the last 6 months and they DO get the Red Plum inserts. It comes to $1.25 per Sunday paper- coupon connections deal. If I were many of you I would switch to the News Tribune.

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    13. Mope Irvin says:

      I would like to know how can I receive coupon inserts in the mail because I don’t get any coupons in my circular paper. My name iS Martha Irvin and my email address is mopeirvin16@gmail.com

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