5 Christmas Gifts You Can Make on a Shoestring Budget

Christmas is coming up in less than two months. Scary, right? While, for some of you, it may seem like jumping the gun a little bit to get started on Christmas gifts before it’s even Thanksgiving, honestly, there’s no better time. Getting started on your Christmas list right away ensures that you have plenty of time to make beautiful, handmade gifts within your budget, saving you lots of money on something last minute and expensive.

In case you need ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a bunch of gifts your friends and family will love that you can make on a shoestring budget this Christmas season.

1. Coffee Cup Candles

If you know someone who’s a hot drink aficionado and candle-lover, then this is the perfect gift for them. You won’t need to many materials, and the best part is it’s completely customizable. You can pick whatever mug you think would suit them and make a candle that’s in their favorite scent…meaning you’re giving them an unique gift nobody else has, which is pretty special, right?

All you’ll need to make this guy is your chosen mug, candle wax flakes (or an old candle or broken crayons!), candle wicks, pencils or chopsticks, a pot or saucepan, a glass bowl or smaller pot, fragrance oil, and scotch tape. Get the tutorial here.


2. DIY Bath Bombs

Either you love bath bombs, or you haven’t tried bath bombs. There’s no in-between. It’s undeniable that bath bombs feel luxurious, but they can cost a fortune at most beauty stores for just one bomb. Bypass that by making them at home, inexpensively! All you’ll need is baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, food coloring, almond or coconut oil, water, essential oil, and some sort of mold, like a cookie tin, plastic egg, or special bath bomb molds. Get the tutorial here.

3. Cookie Mix Bag

If you know someone who likes to bake, or who would like to bake, but they don’t want to bother running all around the grocery store finding ingredients, this is the perfect gift. It’s all the dry ingredients you need to bake chocolate cookies in a prettily wrapped bag! All you’ll need to make it is a ziptop bag, one yard of flannel, a needle and thread (or fabric glue!), a pretty ribbon to tie it off with, 1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix, chocolate chips mint pieces, and baking cocoa. Get the recipe here.

4. Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

Chocolates are a popular gift for any friend or family member who has a sweet tooth. Unfortunately truffles and filled chocolates cost a fortune. A solution has arrived!: the humble ice cube tray. It’s an incredibly clever hack.

All you need to do is pour your favorite melted chocolate into the bottom your ice cube tray. Paint the sides of each cube with chocolate using a pastry brush, and then pop it in the freezer to cool. Once the chocolate has cooled, fill it with whatever filling you want, like peanutbutter, marshmallows, or nuts, and then fill the tray the rest of the way with chocolate, pop it in the freezer again, and then, once they’ve cooled, transfer them to a pretty container! Get the full tutorial here.

5. Cozy Slippers Gift

If you’ve got a slightly larger budget, or you aren’t quite so crafty, there’s still a DIY project for you! This cozy slippers gift idea is a great option. It’s still wonderfully inexpensive, looks cute, and is so easy to make. All you need is a pair of inexpensive slippers, a cute ribbon, and some inexpensive stuffers, like lip balm, chocolates, nail polish, warm gloves, or other beauty products. Get the full tutorial here.