5 Adorable Christmas Tree Ornament DIYs

It’s that time of year! Maybe you’ve already bought your Christmas tree, and maybe you’re thinking about decorating it. Of course, there’s the usual shiny Christmas tree balls, lights, paper snowflakes, strings of faux cranberries or ribbons or whatever’s traditional at your house. Maybe you already have a collection of ornaments all gathered from previous years. But in case you don’t, here’s a couple really cute ornaments that you can make yourself that’ll look awesome on your tree this year.

Bottle Brush Tree Ornament

If you’re looking for an ornament that’s easy to make and elegant, then this is the DIY for you. You will have to buy a couple items from your local craft store. You’ll need some white acrylic paint, a mason jar lid, a bottle brush tree, scissors, hot glue or modeling clay, Mod Podge, white glitter, a jingle bell, and some twine, ribbon, or thread to hang it with. It’s a really easy tutorial, and it’ll look absolutely awesome when you’re done. Get the tutorial here.

Marble Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is the kind of ornament that’ll surprise your friends because it looks like something you had to buy at the store, but, nope, you made it yourself! You’re just that talented. For these little guys, you’ll need some modeling clay, cookie cutters of your desired shape, a rolling pin, gold liquid gilding, glaze, a baking tray, some parchment paper, string or ribbon to hang it with, and a plastic straw. Don’t be intimidated by the list of the ingredients. This craft is crazy easy to make. Get the tutorial here.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Leave it to Martha Stewart to create an awesome ornament tutorial for the holidays. I love this one because it’s so easy, and it doesn’t require any expensive items to make it. All you’ll need to put these ornaments together is some old cookie cutters of your choice, festive patterned paper or some chosen photos, card stock, a pencil, scissors, craft glue, a needle, beads, and some cute ribbon. If you have some older kids, this craft works great for them, too! Get the tutorial here.

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is another crazy cute, crazy easy, crazy inexpensive tutorial. You can stand these little trees up in a window, or hang them from your tree. They’re so cute and so easily customizable. You could switch the pom-poms out for jingle bells, beads of your choice, or even tiny snowflakes…anything that catches your fancy! You can switch the yarn out for a pretty ribbon if you want, too. All you need to make this craft is the green yarn, pom-poms, cardboard, scissors, and white school glue. Seriously, that’s it. Awesome, right? Get the tutorial here.

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

These guys are a little more labor intensive, but totally worth it. They’re absolutely not edible, but that’s okay because they’ll make your house smell awesome all throughout the holidays! Besides, even if they do take a bit of work to make, they take only a few really inexpensive ingredients. All you’ll need to make these gorgeous ornaments is applesauce, cinnamon, and cloves. You’ll end up making a sort of apple-cinnamon dough that you’ll roll out and cut into shapes, like you would cookies. Poke a hole in the top of them, pop them into the oven to bake, and then when they’re done, thread some ribbon through the hole and hang it on your tree. These are so cute and so ingenious, you’ll want to make them every year. Get the tutorial here.