3 Offbeat Ways To Get Select Coupons

Want more coupons from brands you actually use and love? Have you been wanting to try a particular product, but can’t seem to find a coupon to make it more affordable? Worry not, we’re here to offer you three unconventional ways of scoring coupons beyond clipping and using printable options.

1. Give Your Children an Assignment

This first tip in scoring more coupons doubles as a fun educational activity for your children, too. Have them write a letter to a brand expressing how much they enjoy a particular product and how they use it. Give your child complete freedom of expression, but suggest that she or he mention the anticipation of trying more flavors or other variations of a product in the future.

In a best case scenario, a manufacturer will likely return a letter of thanks to the child with a few coupons for being a loyal consumer. Even if you do not receive select coupons this way, however, at the very least, your child will learn a positive lesson on how to address a company as a consumer.

2. Ask Directly

I was always taught that the best way to get something is to ask for it directly. This holds true with asking for coupons or discounts, too. While calling can sometimes do the trick, you may have more success with opening a live chat on a company’s website and asking a representative for a coupon code that you can use to make a purchase online.

3. Ask Freecyclers

Many moons ago, I used to sell coupons on eBay. Those that I didn’t sell, I’d give away to fellow Freecyclers. Join your local Freecycle community and let others know about the coupons that you’re willing to share, as well as the select brands that you’d like to collect.


Do your neighbors, friends and family members know which coupons you’re on the lookout for? If not, this is as good a time as any to let them know…especially if they subscribe to the local newspaper. Ask them to save coupon inserts for you and ask them to spread the word to their friends, too.

Think Outside the Box

There are all sorts of ways to get coupons, coupon codes and discounts beyond the most talked about traditional methods. Don’t be shy about asking for you want and invite the whole family to get in on this money-saving activity. While every method won’t work every time you try it, these methods should work enough times for you to keep them in your arsenal to periodically try to get the coupons that you most desire.

What Are Some Of Your Offbeat Ways Of Getting More Coupons?

Thanks for reading and please remember to share this post with fellow couponers. But before you do, tell us: Do you have any offbeat ways of getting select coupons? We are counting on you to enlighten the rest of us on ways we haven’t tried before. Please take a moment and leave your best strategies for collecting quality coupons in the comments section below.