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    How to Get Started With Coupons

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    You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who has never, ever used a coupon. They’re everywhere, after all. Yet these extremely valuable slips of paper — or, in our internet-and-smartphone era, these extremely valuable bits of data — rarely go from becoming an “occasional-use” item Read More

    How to Save Money With Everyday Household Hacks

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    We all know that cleaning supplies and basic household gear is expensive. The specialty products, like that hand vacuum you bought just so you could vacuum the stairs, are even more expensive. There are plenty of coupons available for basic household goods, but sometimes you Read More

    10 of the Biggest Coupon Deals

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    Have you figured out how to use Coupon Connections’ Coupon Database yet? With our database, you can search for coupons by description, by expiration date, or — and here’s where the important part comes in — by value. Check in with our Coupon Database every Read More

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