This Weekend’s Awesome Goodwill Finds!

home decor gw1

A long time ago I mentioned on here about the deals that I have been able to find at Goodwill before.  Not your typical used stuff, but awesome, brand new stuff at a fraction of the cost!  Well, yesterday I found some epic finds so I wanted to tell you about it and again remind you that most Goodwill stores sell overstock items from Target at super low prices!!

Check out the stuff I found yesterday:

  • 2 count throw pillows – $3.99 each (Just $2 per pillow!) – Target original sticker said $14.99
  • Print Curtain Panel – $2.99 each – Target original sticker said $2.99
  • Drakkar Noir Cologne – $7.99 – Target original sticker said $24.99 (my hubby has worn this cologne for along time…I’ve never found a deal this low on it.)
  • Yes, that is a Rubiks Cube that my son just had to have, but hey it was only $1.99.

So, my living room now has a fresh new look for Spring with the new panels and pillows and it only cost $14!

home decor gw


At my local store, all of the Target overstock is sold with Pink stickers so I know that a pink sticker means a brand new item.  Different stores may label them differently, but it is definitely worth checking out!