7 Great Brown-Bag Lunch Options for Work

Packing a lunch is one of the best ways to save money. When you’re going out for lunch every day, chances are you’re spending at least $12-$20 per meal. That’s $60-$100 per week, which could end up adding up to $300-$400 a month, just on lunches.

So much money could be saved if you take the initiative to pack yourself a healthy lunch that you can look forward to during the workday. No peanut butter sandwiches here! Just some awesome food that travels well and is easy to pack up and keep cool while you focus on your work.

Make-Ahead Chicken Burritos

Burritos are a great lunch option. They’re made with simple, inexpensive ingredients, they travel well, and you can make a whole bunch ahead, pop them in your freezer, and then pull them out and pack them and microwave them at work when you need a quick lunch fix. All you need for this recipe is some cooked rice, shredded cheese, cooked chicken, cilantro, salsa, and some tortillas. Get the recipe here.

Onigiri Bento Box

Onigiri, or the rice ball, is like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of Japan. It’s super easy to make, and can be packed with all sorts of other items to round out the meal. This recipe makes the classic Japanese school lunch, which can – obviously – be enjoyed by everyone. All you need is some cooked rice, hot dogs, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and an egg. Get the recipe here.

Turkey Ranch Club Wrap

This is an amazingly easy recipe to throw together. You can make it ahead and pop it in your fridge, but it isn’t a hassle to put together during a rushed morning, either. All you’ll need is a tortilla wrap, some deli turkey, some cooked bacon, ranch dressing, 2 tomato slices, and romaine lettuce or baby spinach. Get the recipe here.

Taco Salad In a Jar

Taco salad is a great option for a tasty work lunch. It tastes amazing, it’s easy to throw together, and it’s comprised of a few, simple, inexpensive ingredients. This recipe takes a twist on the usual salad by layering the ingredients in an easy-to-store mason jar. All you’ll need is some salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, corn, taco meat, shredded cheese, and corn chips. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

If you’re looking for a lunch that’s fresh, tasty, and healthy, then look no further! This Mediterranean orzo salad is a great addition to your lunch rotation. It tastes amazing and it’s so easy to make. All you need is some cooked orzo pasta, a bell pepper, a tomato, olives, fresh spinach, fresh basil, some feta, and a vinaigrette dressing. This recipe makes enough for several people, so it’s great if you’re trying to prepare a whole set of lunches quickly. Get the recipe here.

Stuffed Bagels

I love bagels. What could be better than a warm, toasted bagel slathered in cream cheese for breakfast? Well, a bagel stuffed with a delicious cream cheese and salami filling for lunch comes pretty close. All you need to make this recipe is a bagel, some whipped cream cheese, some dill relish, salami, baby carrots, and some salt and pepper. Get the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Black Bean and Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for a recipe that’s immensely satisfying and a little different, then you’ve come to the right place. This recipe is, without a doubt, an amazing lunch recipe. It’s made from a variety of really inexpensive ingredients, all of which pack a nutritional punch that will keep you going for hours. All you need to make it is some sweet potatoes, an onion, quinoa, black beans, a bell pepper, cilantro, and some spices. Get the recipe here.