8 DIY’s Perfect for Your Teenage Daughters Dream Room

If you’re planning on redecorating your daughter’s room, then why not consider these budget-friendly DIY’s. You’ll be able to personalize her room without breaking the bank.

Check out these 8 delightful DIY’s that she’ll be sure to love!

Personalize Her Lighting

Add extra lighting with this fun and creative light. Grey Like Nesting provides this fun DIY that creates a unique light to spice up your teens bedroom. It’s a simple and inexpensive DIY that your daughter will love to have in her room.

Create Her Very Own Reading Corner

Keep their room whimsical with this simple DIY hammock. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess is a great way to add extra seating without filling up your teens small space. Plus, what teen wouldn’t want their very own hammock?

Frame Her Favorite Jewelry


Photo: DIY Ready

This framed jewelry holder is a great way to free up space for other things your teenage daughter needs in her room. Jewelry boxes can be big and expensive, so why not create this adorable framed jewelry holder from DIY Ready. She’ll love having her favorite jewelry on display and you’ll love that her room will be less cluttered!

Surround Her With Good Memories

If your daughter loves taking photos, then why not create this beautiful photo collage. Simply hang a string of lights on the wall of your choice and then your daughter can hang up all of her favorite photographs. Not only will this add some extra light, but your daughter will be surrounded by pictures of her friends and family.

Bonus Tip: This DIY is a great way to personalize your daughters dorm room!

Help Her Organize


Photo: Glamour

If your daughter keeps all of her beauty supplies in her room, why not help her organize them. This simple DIY will allow your daughter to hang up and organize all of her beauty supplies in one place. The best thing about this DIY is that it can hang on any wall, freeing up space in her dresser drawers.

Give Her a Cozy Chair

If your daughter is a trend setter, then why not create an stylish, but cozy desk chair. These fur chairs are very fashionable, but can be extremely expensive. This tutorial from Fresh Idea Studio teaches you how to create this trendy chair for only $50 dollars.

Create a Unique Charging Station

Keep her room organized with this awesome DIY charging station. This charging dock will keep all over her electronics neat and organized, while also looking fashionable. This DIY from Centsational Girl is completely customizable so you can match it to any room decor, so you can make one for anyone in your house.

Personalize Her Artwork


Photo: Decoist

This tutorial from Decoist is a great way to personalize your teen’s room with artwork. This monogramed floral piece will add a bit of color and fun to her bedroom. Like most DIY’s this tutorial is completely customizable so you can use different colored flowers and variations.